Gabriel Shocks Vs Monroe Shocks: Choose the Best Shock Absorber


What happens when you don’t have the right shock absorbers? A pleasant ride turns into a nightmare. Shocks are taken for granted and usually ignored until they start showing problems. We think it is their way of reminding you that they need attention and care! Faulty shocks remove the comfort from rides completely, and you will feel even the tiniest bump on the way. Thus, you must invest in good shocks.

But, this is where the confusion arises. The market has quite a few “good shocks” for us to choose from, and most of us can’t decide which ones to go for. Based on the queries we get and our research, we concluded that everyone wants to know whether Gabriel shocks are better than Monroe shocks. You will have the answer soon enough!

Let’s begin by understanding the main features of each of these shocks:

Gabriel Shocksgabriel_shocks-removebg-preview

  • They are hardened and measure 14mm. 
  • They have a chrome-plated piston.
  • The piton is super-finished to absorb shocks during off-road driving.
  • The chamber has nitrogen gas at very high pressure.
  • These shocks work on the floating piston technology.
  • They have a mono-tube design that keeps them cool and does not cause heat-related problems.
  • They have a 46mm bore. 
  • They are in the affordable range.
  • They are ready-to-install and need no assembly or complicated steps. 

Monroe Shockshp-slide-image-gas-magnum-4x4

  • They were specifically designed for a prolonged lifespan.
  • They have a floun-banded piston.
  • They have a 13/16-inch bore.
  • They have a self-lubricating seal that avoids problems due to too much wear & tear.
  • They work on the groove tube technology that works the piston for better responsiveness.
  • To lubricate these shocks, you need an all-weather fluid. 
  • They have tapered grooves for consistency. 
  • They are slightly more expensive. 
  • They are purely performance-driven

Gabriel shocks vs Monroe shocks – who wins?

Gabriel vs Monroe is probably the closest battle ever. This is because they are both reputed companies and have excellent sales records. They are similar in their purpose because they are both ideal for light trucks and cars. The only difference we can find is in the price. 

So, if you want performance-driven shocks and do not mind spending a few extra bucks, Monroe shocks are for you. If you want rugged shocks that are easily affordable, you cannot go wrong with Gabriel.

This comparison was a tough one, but we are happy we were able to give you an answer at the end. We hope you found this helpful. Any insights and queries are welcome. Please feel free to comment so that we add the relevant suggestions to our article. 

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