Best Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride: Top Products on the Market

Best Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride
Best Brand
Bilstein (24-186742)
Bilstein (24-186742)
Our Top Pick
Monroe 58620
Monroe 58620
Value for Money
Gabriel 49235
Gabriel 49235

If you are carrying or towing heavy loads with your trucks, then you should regularly check and update the suspensions. Use of the good-quality shocks helps you to maintain a better condition of the vehicle as well as to get a comfortable ride on any terrain in any state.

Product No.Best Truck Shocks
Product ImageProduct ReviewsCheck Price
1)Bilstein (24-186742)Bilstein (24-186742)5BuyOnAmazon
2)Monroe 58620Monroe 586204.5BuyOnAmazon
3)Gabriel 49235Gabriel 492354.5BuyOnAmazon
4)DTA 70012DTA 700124.5BuyOnAmazon
5)ACDelco 580-435ACDelco 580-4354.5BuyOnAmazon
6)Monroe 9112624.5BuyOnAmazon
7)Bilstein 5100Bilstein 51005BuyOnAmazon
8)ACDelco 525-214.5BuyOnAmazon
9)KYB 5651024.5
10)DTA D341443DTA D3414435 (1)BuyOnAmazon

Today, we will take a look at the top-rated truck shocks available in the market.

Best Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride

When you are modifying the height of the truck rig, you should take care of the suspension system. While adding the lifting or lowering kit, you should get a good pair of quality shocks and struts for having a smooth ride. Without getting deep into it, let’s check the most sought products below.

1. Bilstein 5100 Series Rear Truck Shock Absorber

Bilstein is one of the most famous brands for providing the highest quality shock absorbers for the vehicles. The 5100 series shocks are specifically built for silverado with their demands of carrying extra loads.

Features of Bilstein 5100 Series Truck Shock Absorber are:

  • Bilstein 5100The gas pressure technology from Bilstein delivers excellent control on handling the silverado.
  • It has a 46mm monotube design which offers fade-free, consistent performance.
  • The installation is easy with the help of the OEM certified mountings. Even if you are doing it for the first time, you can install this shock without any error.
  • Its sturdy and durable material makes you worry free from frequently updating the suspension system of your truck or SUV.
  • Its instant reaction according to the surface of the terrain provides you comfort throughout your journey.
  • The company provides a limited lifetime warranty for the product.


2. Monroe 58620 Load Adjust Shock Absorber

The Monroe 58620 truck shock comes with full displacement valving which automatically adjusts according to the condition of the surface. It helps to provide a smooth and controlled ride on any terrain.

Features of Monroe 58620 Load Adjustable Shocks are:

  • Monroe 58620The all-weather fluid in this truck shock minimizes friction and provides a comfortable riding experience.
  • It comes with a fluon banded piston which gives more control and increases the durability of the suspension system.
  • It works perfectly even when you add the weight of up to 1100 lbs. More on your pickup truck or multi-utility vehicle.
  • The calibrated heavy-gauge spring that helps to maintain the ride height.
  • It delivers ideal operation on the light pickup trucks which carry extra loads or tow trailers.


3. Gabriel 49235 Air Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride

Gabriel is also one of the most popular manufacturers for providing high-class suspension system attachments. The company was first to make the original shock absorber and then hydraulic shock as well as air adjustable shock. Since then, the Gabriel is the leading brand for providing various suspension system products to have total & smooth control on a ride.

Features of Gabriel 49235 Hijackers Shock Absorber are:

  • Gabriel 49235If you are driving a pickup truck or a towing van which carries heavy loads, then this air shock is perfect for it.
  • Its sturdy and durable design delivers consistent performance on any road surface.
  • The piston seal is leak proof which helps to extend the life of the suspension system.
  • It is corrosion resistant due to the piston road with a chrome finish.
  • On each pair, it has the capacity of carrying an extra load of up to 1100 pounds.
  • Its Drawn-over-Mandrel (DOM) tubing helps to make the product maintenance free and to get years of operation at an affordable price.


4. DTA 70012 Front Complete Truck Shocks

Why spend more on buying struts and shocks differently for your vehicle’s suspension system when you can get it in one package? From Drive Tech America, you will get a full set of two front struts and two rear shocks. These are the best shocks and struts combinations that you can get at very reasonable rates.

Features of DTA 70012 Shocks and Struts Assembly for a Smooth Truck Ride are:

  • DTA 70012This unit is fully loaded which is safe & easy to install on your car.
  • Though it perfectly fits with the suspension systems of the vehicles like Trailblazer, Ranier, Bravada, Ascender, and Saab 9-7X, you can install it on any
  • Exc. V8 engine suspension system.
  • The powder coated coil spring is heated to ensure durability and corrosion-free operation.
  • Its insulated spring seats make it sure that you will get a quite and comfortable truck ride.
  • The strut comes with features like all-weather fluid, gas charging, multi-staging valving, etc. for a smooth journey.    
  • You will get a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


5. ACDelco 580-435 GM Original Front Shock Absorber

If you regularly drive your light truck on different terrain conditions, then the ACDelco 580-435 shock absorber is ideal for you. It will help you to get a comfortable and smooth ride always. The price may look a little bit higher compared to other truck shock brands, but believe me, if you don’t get this product, you will feel something missing in your vehicle for sure.

Features of ACDelco 580-435 GM Original Shock for Trucks are:

  • ACDelco 580-435It is built with the compatibility to the GM OE specifications which ensure the quality of the product.
  • The mounting hardware helps you to make the easy and accurate replacement.
  • It absorbs and dampens the effect of the rough terrain on your car’s suspension system.
  • With the appearance in over 2.5 million GM vehicles per year, the ACDelco is a trusted brand for providing original parts for the GM vehicle production.
  • From the light-duty trucks to sport utility vehicles, you can use this front shock absorber in any car for getting a smooth ride.
  • The company provides a limited lifetime warranty for this product.


6. Monroe 911262 Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride

The 911262 rear shock absorber from Monroe has an innovative design with the use of ASD technology. You will have greater control and handling with this mono-tube type shock compared to the other standard truck shock absorbers. It is a perfect fit for almost any kind of vehicle’s suspension system.

Features of Monroe 911262 Truck Shock are:

  • Monroe 911262It has an all-weather fluid which reduces friction and provides a smooth riding experience.
  • The fluon banded piston offers a consistent sealing on excellent control and durable operation.
  • It will automatically adjust according to the impact of the surface like bumps, pothole, etc. for great handling.
  • It delivers safety and comfort on any road conditions.
  • This shock is ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, tow-trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles.


7. Bilstein 5100 Gas Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride

This 5100 monotube gas shock in a set of four from Bilstein is specifically designed for the 4WD vehicles. It doesn’t matter which company’s car or model you are having; this shock absorber will fit into its suspension system quite easily. Whether you are off-road or on-road, loaded or unloaded; you will have a smooth, comfortable ride every time with the help of the Bilstein 5100 series shock absorber.

Features of Bilstein 5100 Gas Shock are:

  • Bilstein 5100By considering the large wheelbase of the lifted vehicles, this gas shock is mainly built with more damping capability.
  • It instantly reacts according to the road conditions for maintaining a stable and controlled ride.
  • The monotube design with a high gas pressure helps to create more efficient heat dissipation from the body.
  • The dividing piston eliminates foaming and viscosity loss by allowing the oil expansion in heating conditions.
  • You will get all the washers, nuts, and bushings needed for the installation in the package.
  • All the shock absorbers come with shock boots.
  • The company provides a limited lifetime warranty for this shock absorber.


8. ACDelco 525-21 Heavy Duty Rear Shock Absorber

The ACDelco 525-21 is a heavy-duty shock for trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, and other types of vehicles. It helps to keep the steering vibration free and smooth for comfortable handling. This shock absorber will help to preserve the safety of the car and comfort of the passenger.

Features of ACDelco 525-21 Rear Heavy Duty Shock Absorber are:


  • ACDelco 525-21It has a larger body compared to other shock absorbers which means it has an increased capacity of storing the fluid and running the cooler.
  • The compression head and bonded iron piston increase the lifespan of the unit.
  • The 1-5/8” piston bore and 9/16” piston rod have an extra large size to deliver strength and stability to the suspension system.
  • It comes with heavy duty arc-welded end mounts for a damage-resistant and corrosion-resistant performance.
  • All parts of the unit are genuine and meet the GM OE specifications for ensuring the quality.
  • You will get a limited lifetime warranty from the company.


9. KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas Shocks for a Smooth Ride

The KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas Shock is designed to give high performance to your trucks. It provides outstanding performance on off-roads, especially while towing the trailer & hauling heavy loads. It works well on heavier & powerful vehicles. If you have a general motors truck, then this shock absorber would be the perfect solution for upgrading your performance. Those trucks who demand more power & well as a high center of gravity can use this shock absorber to satisfy their demands.     

Features of KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas Shock are:

  • KYB 565102The MonoMax Gas Shock is having the construction of a monotube shock absorber.
  • This shock absorber comes with a stainless steel piston ring, having zinc coating on them. It helps in protecting the piston from extreme conditions.
  • The dimension of this shock absorber after assembling it up comes out to be 22.6 × 3.3 × 3.3 inches.
  • It increases the weight of your truck by 4 pounds.
  • This shock absorber can improve the damping performance of your vehicle by 40% when compared with other standard shock absorbers.
  • It has a rubber boot on it, which protects the shaft. It keeps the dirt and unwanted materials away from the seal.
  • This shock absorber is designed on an auto-adapt system. Thus it gets automatically adjusted with different driving conditions.
  • This shock absorber is compatible with the 2001 model of Chevy Suburban 2500 6.0 4×2, 2009 model of General Motors Truck Company Sierra 2500 HD, etc.


10. DTA D341443 Gas Charged Twin Tube Shock Absorber

The DTA Shock Absorber D341443 is an OE standards certified product. This shock absorber comes with high strength steel rods. These rods are micro-polished with the double chrome plate. It comes with a self-adjusting valve system that provides sensitive product performance on the road. It ensures a smooth, controlled driving experience. The piston used in this shock absorber has also passed OE standards. It provides substantial load capacity to your truck.  

Features of DTA D341443 Gas Charged Twin Tube Shock Absorber are:

  • DTA D341443This shock absorber uses a nitrogen twin-tube design, which provides a quick damping response.
  • Here NOK multi-lip piston seal is used. It is designed to effectively seal and prevent external dust and debris from entering inside the piston of the shock absorber. It also helps in keeping the temperature lower, so that the valving stays firmer.
  • This shock absorber can work in extreme temperatures ranging from -45° C to 100° C. Thus; they can be used in any weather condition.
  •  It increases the weight of your truck by 3.8 pounds.
  • The surroundings of the shock absorber have spring seat welding instead of spot winding.
  • The rods used in this shock absorber have a surface roughness of less than 0.08um. This results in better corrosion resistance and friction reduction.
  • The product is certified from ISO/TS 16949:2002 for maintaining quality standards.
  • This shock absorber comes with a two years warranty or 24000 miles usage warranty. It depends on you which one of these warranty suits you the best.


Things to consider while buying Truck Shocks

Before going to replace or change the vehicle’s shocks and struts, you need to consider some valuable factors for saving your money from loss. Check the quick guide on how to buy the best shock absorber below:


If you do not get the right type of shock absorber according to your vehicle type, then you may face problems in suspension, and you may need to replace them or other parts of the car. There are different types of shock absorber available in the market including air shocks, heavy duty shocks, gas shocks, automatic shocks, overload shocks, and standard shocks.

Check the below table to identify which shock absorber will perfectly fit in your vehicle.

Vehicle TypeShock Absorber Type
SUV (standard)Twin-tube shock
SUV (heavy-duty)Air springs and monotube gas shocks
Van (full-size)Monotube shock
Off-road truckExternal reservoir shock
Off-road truck (raised)Monotube gas shock absorber
Pickup Van (standard)Original equipment replacement shock
Van (full-size)Monotube shock

You can also check the manufacturer website for the compatibility of the shock absorber with the type of your vehicle.

Driving Conditions

Though the high-quality shock absorbers provide a comfortable riding experience on all terrains, the durability and sturdiness depend on the usage of the shocks. From light-duty work on highways to heavy-duty work on off-roads, you can pick up the right unit for your suspension system according to the conditions you drive through.


Depending on the material used for making the shocks like steel, aluminum, etc. you can determine how long they will work. So, make sure to check the type of material used for the construction of the shock absorber. It will help to analyze its durability and capacity of load carrying.


The truck shocks and struts are the things that you do not install every other day. And there are chances that you may be replacing the shock absorber in your suspension system for the first time. So, the shock absorber should be easy to install and preferred to come with required hardware mountings.


The cost of the shock absorber depends on the brand you are buying from and the type of the unit. Though, it is essential to have the best-quality suspension system for your vehicle, if you are tight on the budget, you need to make sure that you stick to it. Also, the vehicle type can help you to predict the cost of the shock absorber. The trucks and sport utility vehicles have high truck shocks compared to the smaller cars. If you have a heavy-duty usage on your truck, then you should be willing to pay some extra bucks on buying the perfect unit.

So, all above are the considerations that you need to keep in mind while embarking on purchasing the shock absorber for your vehicle.

Working of the shock absorbers

Yes, the trucks do come with the suspension system to provide you comfort while driving. A good-quality suspension keeps the car in top shape even in the bumpy rides in rough terrain. A leaf spring is also an important component along with the shocks for a suspension system of the pickup trucks, vans, and other sport utility vehicles.

Without the truck shock absorbers, you can’t even think of a ride on the smoothest highways. It will give you the worst feeling and comfort if the shock absorbers are not well-placed, maintained or not compatible with the car. The best shocks for trucks help to minimize the bouncing motion of the vehicle when it encounters the rough terrain condition.

Most of the owners like to have both the front and rear suspension systems. The shock absorber reduces the heat generated by the body movement and damping the axle in the SUVs and other four-wheel drives.

The trucks have more ground clearance than the smaller vehicles which means they have larger suspension systems. So, they need extra long absorbers. The same thing applies to the SUVs which need heavy-duty shocks for carrying additional loads with full of passengers. Small vehicles like cars cannot be modified for the heavy jobs or cannot drive through the extreme terrain conditions so that you can use the standard shock absorber on them.

People also ask

Here are the answers to a few FAQs on this subject.

1) Will new shocks make my truck ride smoother?

Yes, new shocks can improve your ride quality and make it smoother.

2) What makes Bilstein shocks so good?

We would say that Bilstein shocks are so good because of their durability, attention to detail during manufacturing, stability, and the ability to withstand loads.

3) How can I make my ride smoother?

There are a few things you can do to make your ride smoother such as:

  • Changing tires
  • Changing the shocks and struts
  • Avoiding large wheels
  • Choosing the proper height 

4) Which is better – gas or oil filled shocks?

Gas-charged shocks are said to be better because they are charged with Nitrogen, which is a cold gas. They are safer as well.

5) Can shocks lift your truck?

Yes, they can give a slight lift to the truck.


There is a lot to talk, but we will make a stop here for the time being.

The shock absorber is not for working as a cushion in your car, but it actually functions to provide a comfortable and smooth ride. Whether you have a truck, an SUV, a van, or any other type of the vehicle, a good-quality shock absorber helps to get more control on it and keeps the wheels in right conditions. Make sure to buy a compatible shock absorber for your car or truck and do replace it as soon as you notice any change in the suspension system.

You can contact anytime for any query related to truck shock absorbers or your suspension system.

Thanks for reading!