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How to Make a Jeep Wrangler Ride Smoother? – Make Your Ride Softer

Jeep Wrangler Ride Smoother

It is a dream to have a Jeep Wrangler in the garage, especially when you love road trips and adventures. In spite of having simple styling, this vehicle has remained popular for decades. Youngsters adore its rugged performance standards,  class, and versatility. As Jeep is an open-air vehicle, it attracts many riders.

On the other hand, folks who have used it know how rough the ride can become! Sometimes, even the small bumps of the road are felt more dramatically in the cabin. It’s because the available shock absorber assemblies are more rigid to withstand impact. Also, this vehicle sits high off the ground, which causes more effect!

This vehicle has a comprehensive set of suspension components. If they are not working correctly, the Jeep may fail to achieve its legendary off-road performance and comfort. In this article, we are proposing few ideas to make your Jeep Wrangler ride smoother.

How to Make a Jeep Wrangler Ride Smoother?

1. Springs – Rebound Balance 

Older Wranglers have leaf springs, while newer models have coil springs. These springs are designed to absorb vertical impacts. So, when you jump from the bump or pass over a hole, the force of the impact is distributed within the spring. Coil springs are more efficient than the leaf springs. Replacing the coil over springs can also help you to reduce the impact and make your ride softer. Some of the new coil springs now come with different firmness rates. Such springs can react differently according to the pressure.

prings - Rebound Balance

2. Replace the Shock Dampeners

If the vehicle is just on springs, it continuously bounces up and down after passing each bump or hole. A shock regulates such forces. So, old shock or dampeners are another reason for the rough rides. One thing to keep in mind is that stiffer the shock, harsher the ride! Shock and dampeners help in energy absorption. Stock Wrangler shocks are designed to be hard to handle even the off-road. It is recommended to replace them with the road-friendly options.  

Replace the Shock Dampeners

3. Replace the Tires

Wrangler tires are designed for traction. That means all wheels can have a firm grip on the road surface. Generally, such tires are not mainly designed for the highways. They are designed for rough roads and adventure sports. If you want to make your lifted truck ride smoother, you should replace old tires with the lower profile tires. Car wheels generate less friction. Not only for traction, but these tires can also help in reducing the height of the vehicle.

Replace the Tires

4: Install a Camber Kit

Camber kit also can reduce the impact of the bumpy road. Installing this kit is essential while trying to make the rides smoother. It can straighten the tire tracks. The wheels might be at a different angle to the surface after lowering the vehicle. These angles can keep both sides of the Jeep Wrangler work against each other and allows the camber kit to reduce the shocks.

Install a Camber Kit

5: Get Jeep’s Wheels Aligned

When the angle of the wheels is out of balance than expected, the ride gets rough. If you ever feel that the wheels are not in the right angle, take your Jeep Wrangler to a professional. He will align the tires of your vehicle. It is suggested not to postpone this process as unaligned tires could be dangerous.


Get Jeep’s Wheels Aligned

6: Lower the Speed

When your speed is too high, it makes each turn rough. So, lower your speed and make each move smoothly. The lifted trucks come with a high-torque engine. It jumps into each gear aggressively, which can make the ride choppy. So whenever you want a soft trip and not a fast adventure, try to control your speed, especially on turns.

Lower the Speed

7: Add Weight to the Vehicle

Install a hardtop roof and doors which are made from the steel. Heavy steel materials can help to increase the weight of your Jeep. Adding more weight can lessen the impact of road bumps. So, avoid canvas rooftops and consider steel. Also, avoid lifting your Jeep excessively high. If any kit has already been installed, remove it and install one a size or two smaller for better performance.

Add Weight to the Vehicle

So these are some ideas on how to make a lifted truck or ride smoother. Apart from these, you can also try changing the type of springs or shocks to avoid the rough rides. Even steering stabilizing to absorb impacts while driving is also a good idea. Try to consider each plan to find out the most suitable answer for your situation.

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