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How to reset air suspension on Ford Expedition – Easy fix

How to reset air suspension on a Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition debuted in 1997 and took the world by storm. The SUV that seats up to 8 passengers is among the largest in its group and has multiple attractive features. From amazing interiors to advanced controls, it has them all! This is among the many reasons why it is considered as one of the top SUVs even today.

A brief about Ford Expedition

Ford ExpeditionWe are positive that you bought the Ford Expedition for its size and capacity. It is the perfect companion to haul loads and multiple people in one go. However, if it is large, it is obvious that it is heavy. Why we are stressing on this is that heavy cars rely a lot on the air suspension. This particular part is responsible for taking not just the car weight but also the passengers and the cargo. It has airbags made out of rubber that support all this weight. 

Over time, just like any other part, the air suspension can succumb to wear and tear. The rubber bag could get torn or damaged, or it may simply just rot after a period of time. You will start seeing signs of trouble when the suspension is damaged and if you don’t cater to it immediately, you will see one problem give rise to the other and so on.

About the air suspension

air suspensionUnderstanding what goes on with the air suspension in a Ford Expedition can be difficult. This is because it is quite complicated. A sensor, a control module, and the airbags work together to determine how much air is needed. Based on that, the compressor gets notified and the air reaches the airbags. After this, they inflate and the desired height is accomplished. This is a continuous process that occurs when the car is running. 

If there’s a problem in any of the components discussed above, you will know instantly because the air suspension will fail.

Ford Expedition air suspension troubleshooting

If the air suspension is faulty, you have to repair it immediately. Troubleshooting is actually quite simple, thankfully. You just need to replace the airbag or the compressor – whichever part is damaged. The replacement shouldn’t take more than a few hundred dollars. The stipulation here, though, is that it doesn’t stop with one replacement. It is likely that you will keep paying to change one part after the other and that will add up. You will have to change the whole system, which is quite expensive.

The alternative to this is to get coils instead, for the rear suspension. These coils come as kits and are very easy to assemble. They are spring-based and work perfectly without any complications. Installation does not require professional help either. Basic knowledge and tools are enough.

How to reset air suspension on a Ford Expedition

Turn the ignition on after closing all doors and heeding all warnings. Choose Setup in the message center and then choose Air Suspension. You will see whether it is currently on or off. If you want to change the current setting, press Reset.

We are hoping this article helps you garner an understanding of the air suspension on a Ford Expedition and ensure that it works well throughout. If there are any problems, you can always write to us and we will be happy to help.

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