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How To Reset AIRmatic Suspension – Mercedes Suspension Guide

How to reset AIRmatic suspension

Mercedes provides a very smooth ride. It is one of the smoothest, in fact. But, if you are experiencing problems such as sagging towards one end or the car itself being too low, you may need to check the AIRmatic suspension. You may also receive a warning on your dashboard about the same.

Now, these are serious signals that you shouldn’t ignore. In most cases, you will be able to handle it on your own by simply resetting the AIRmatic suspension. In this article, we shall address this and speak about it in detail.

About The AIRmatic Suspension in Mercedes

About the AIRmatic suspension in MercedesBefore learning how to reset it, we thought we would give you some information about the suspension itself. It is an air ride system, which Mercedes calls AIRmatic. It uses hydraulic suspension or air to function. Thanks to this system, you can change the settings easily – just like using a TV remote. So, raising your car is as easy as just pressing a button.

Air suspension problems in Mercedes

Air suspension problems in MercedesAs is the case with most electronics and machines, the air suspension is also prone to some problems. Common problems are as follows:

1) STOP :  VEHICLE TOO LOW – If you see this warning, it means that the problem is critical. If you are driving,stop immediately. 

2) AIR SUSPENSION FAILURE: VISIT WORKSHOP – This message comes up when there’s a fault in the electrical wiring. This doesn’t need you to stop immediately. You can drive to the workshop. If you ignore it, though, the suspension will stop working and you will have to tow the car.

Reasons Behind Air Suspension Problems

Let’s look at some of the common reasons behind these problems:

  • Faulty relay
  • Worn-out brushes
  • Leaking air struts
  • Valve block
  • Blown fuse

Checking all these will help you understand the exact reason why the air suspension has failed. If you don’t find an answer, you will need a scanner to find the problem. 

How To Reset AIRmatic Suspension

How To Reset AIRmatic SuspensionSome of the common, simpler problems can be solved by resetting the AIRmatic suspension. Also, if you solved a problem such as a leakage or a worn-out compressor, you will need to reset it so that it functions smoothly. The good news is that it is very easy.

All you have to do is to shut the car off. Wait a couple of seconds and then, start it. It will start working without problems easily.

But, what if it is still not working?

This happens when there’s some other problem as well. You may not have noticed it in the first check because you thought you already found the problem. Even if you fix the one you found, the unnoticed one will continue to persist. In this case, we recommend that you have a professional find it and fix it for you.

There you go! Resetting the AIRmatic suspension is not all that hard! You just need to be sure about replacement and fixing it. Otherwise, just leave it to the experts.

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