Koni Shocks Review – Are They Good For Your Vehicle?

Koni Shocks review

Now that your stock shocks have worn out, you must replace them at the earliest so that you continue enjoying a smooth ride. But, with all the options available, you might get confused and wonder which ones to buy.

You owe it to your vehicle to give it all the care and attention it requires. One of the most important steps in this process is to find the right shocks. During your search, you may have come across Koni Shocks quite a few times. And, we are not surprised. These shocks are very popular because of their reliability. They are considered top sports shocks and are available as singles and in pairs. 

In this article, we discuss Koni Shocks in detail, giving you a clear idea about them so that you go ahead and choose fearlessly.

Koni Shocks review 

Koni Shocks reviewThese Koni shocks are front shocks available in singles. If you need a pair, you may buy two of them. They are known to have a low operating cost and the following features:

  1. What sets these Koni shocks apart is the fact that they have patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping). This makes them suitable for the streets, on-road driving, and off-road driving.
  2. They come with adjustable dampers. You can easily adjust them using the knobs provided.
  3. The shocks are engineered to improve performance. You will experience OE standards to the very least. In many cases, performance is better than OE.
  4. The ride is smooth and handling is much better when compared to stock shocks. However, keep in mind that these are sports shocks and may not give you an overly smooth ride.
  5. They are very easy to install. You just need hand tools and 30 minutes per shock.


What we like

  • They provide a solid ride
  • No noise
  • Performance and ride handling are significantly better

What we don’t like

  • They are expensive

Who will use them the most?

  • Anyone with Ford F53/F10 models
  • Anyone looking for better riding performance on the streets

People also ask

Now, let’s answer a few FAQs about Koni Shocks.

1) Are Koni Shocks any good?

Yes, they are good and reliable shocks.

2) Who makes Koni Shocks?

The ITT Corporation makes Koni shocks.

3) Where is Koni suspension made?

Koni suspension is made in The Netherlands.

4) How long do Koni Shocks last?

You can expect Koni Shocks to last for around 80,000 miles.

5) Are Koni Shocks rebuildable?

No, they are not.

6) Are all Koni Shocks adjustable?

Yes, almost all of them are adjustable. 

7) Are Koni FSD shocks adjustable?

Yes, but they adjust themselves automatically. You won’t have to do anything.

8) Koni Shocks Review – the verdict 

Now that you know about all the features, pros, and cons of Koni shocks, you are in a much better place to decide whether they are the right choice for you. If you ask us, we’d say that you should go for them. They may be expensive but most of our users say that they are worth it. Our tests suggest the same.


Koni Shocks are good! We see no reason why you shouldn’t purchase them. If you don’t mind the price, please go for it!

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