Raceland Coilovers review – Are Raceland Coilovers good?

Raceland Coilovers Review

If you had to pick the most important part of a vehicle, which ones would you choose? The engine and the tires dominate the list for sure. What else? The suspension! We think, after tires and the engine, the suspension is the most crucial. This is because it directly affects the performance of the vehicle.

Damaged suspension needs to be replaced immediately and that’s where coilovers come in. among the many options available on the market today, Raceland Coilovers are quite popular. But are they good enough to be purchased? You will find out soon.


Raceland Coilovers review 

RacelandTo start off with, let’s take a look at some of their features and specifications:

  • They are CNC-machined and height-adjustable, giving you the freedom to change the height as per your convenience. It can go up to 4 inches below the standard height.
  • Once you install these coilovers, you will immediately see an improvement in the performance and handling of the vehicle. Comfort will also be enhanced. 
  • The spring rates are stiffer and the shock valvings are very strong. These also contribute to better performance.
  • All coilovers have been tested for a balance in performance and comfort. 
  • You will notice a considerable enhancement in control, grip, and stability.

The pros

  • You don’t need to align your wheels after installation
  • More stability, even in corners
  • Very sturdy construction

The cons

  • A few users are unhappy with the design 
  • A few others have said the coilovers are slightly bouncy


People also ask

Let’s understand a little more about Raceland Coilovers by answering a few FAQs.

1) Why are Raceland Coilovers so cheap?

This is because Raceland sells its products directly to the consumer with no middleman. This reduces markup and saves the consumers a lot of money. This is why they are so cheap.

2) Are coilovers good for daily driving?

Not really. They are quite stiff and would not be comfortable for daily driving.

3) Can coilovers raise your car?

You can choose partially threaded coilovers to adjust the height. 

4) Are Raceland Coilovers stiff?

Yes, they are. But, you won’t notice the stiffness much. It is not aggressive at all.

5) Do Raceland Coilovers have a warranty?

Yes, they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

6) Do Raceland Coilovers improve ride handling and quality?

Yes, Raceland Coilovers have been designed to improve the ride handling and quality of vehicles.

7) Are Raceland Coilovers any good?

Absolutely! We are sure our review has positively answered this question for you.

8) How long do Raceland Coilovers last?

They should typically last for a few years but it completely depends on your usage.


Raceland Coilovers are a good choice because they are affordable and reliable at the same time. Our vote definitely goes to them. What about you?

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