Best Shocks for 4×4 Trucks: Top Products on the Market

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KYB 565067
KYB 565067
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Gabriel 49235
Gabriel 49235
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Detroit Axle
Detroit Axle

Did you feel any kind of bouncing or shacking on the road while driving your 4 x 4 truck? If yes, then maybe your vehicle’s shock absorbers need to be repaired or replaced. A good-quality pair of shocks will dampen the ride to provide you a smooth traveling experience. The best 4×4 shock absorbers will make your truck fly smoothly even on the rough terrains. They will absorb the landings, both small and tall.

Product No.Best Shocks for 4×4 Trucks

Product ImageProduct ReviewsCheck Price
1)Detroit AxleDetroit Axle4.5BuyOnAmazon
2)Rancho RS999044Rancho RS9000XL4.5BuyOnAmazon
3)Gabriel 49235Gabriel 492354.5BuyOnAmazon
4)KYB 565067KYB 5650674.5BuyOnAmazon
5)JKshopJKshop LNL3.5BuyOnAmazon
6)Pro-Line RacingPro-Line Racing 6063-004.5BuyOnAmazon
7)Traxxas 5862Traxxas 58624.5BuyOnAmazon
8)Bilstein 5100Bilstein 51005BuyOnAmazon
9)KYB 565104KYB 5651044.5BuyOnAmazon
10)Bilstein 24-187367Bilstein 24-1873675BuyOnAmazon

The shock absorbers are the highly sensitive components of a vehicle’s suspension system. The faster suspensions in the car provide better resistance. If the shocks are damaged or out of work, then you will get the feeling of the rockier roads even when driving on the highways.

Let’s have a look at the top-rated truck shocks available today.

Best Shocks for 4×4 Trucks

1. Detroit Axle Rear Driver & Passenger Side Shock Absorber for 4×4 Trucks

Detroit Axle is one of the most popular suppliers of the original components for the vehicle suspension systems. If you are on a budget but still want the best product in the market, then go nowhere than this pair of shocks for your automobile.

Specs & features of Detroit Axle Rear Side Shock Absorbers for 4×4 are:

  • Detroit AxleThis high-quality brand new truck shocks are affordable and provide durable operation.
  • They will perfectly fit in 2004 Ford F150 4×4, 2009-2013 Ford F150 2WD Truck, 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LT 4×4, and many other vehicles.
  • This pair of shocks is easy to install, and even if you are doing it for the first time, you will not face any issues.
  • They are 12 pounds in total weight and 35 x 9 x 8 inches in dimensions.
  • These shocks have nuts at the top for mounting.
  • After you install these shock absorbers in your truck, you will get smooth rides every time you ride in it.


2. Rancho RS9000XL Series RS999044 Shock for 4×4 Trucks

The Rancho RS9000XL series shock absorber will deliver the performance of nine shocks in one package. This massively built shock runs cool and consistent even in the most demanding road conditions.

Specs & features of Rancho RS9000XL Series Shock for 4×4 Truck are:

  • Rancho RS9000XLThis 9-position front shock provides superior performance to the lifted or standard off-road SUVs, trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles.
  • You will make a specific tuning thanks to its 9-position adjustment knob.
  • It has 70-millimeter (2.75-inch) diameter to carry more fluid for a more cooling operation in extreme heating conditions.
  • The piston is Fluon banded with graphite filled to make it last longer than the standard truck shocks in its category.
  • Its 18mm large sized nitrocarbon rod will deliver lifelong and robust operation.
  • As it is a Nitrogen gas charged shock absorber, you will have an optimized performance from your automobile’s suspension system in harsh off-road conditions.
  • It weighs around 8.35 lbs and has dimensions of 24.5 x 3.3 x 3 inches.


3. Gabriel 49235 Hijackers Air Shock Absorbers

Gabriel is one of the best-known companies in the US providing top-quality equipment for the suspension system of the vehicles. If your truck is used for towing the boats or trailers temporarily, then this pair of shocks is an ideal option for you.

Features & specs for Gabriel 49235 Hijackers Truck Shocks for 4×4 are:

  • Gabriel 49235Each pair of shocks can handle up to 1100 pounds of pressure for delivering smooth riding experience.
  • It will reduce the risk of bottoming out and improves the vehicle handling.
  • The leak-proof piston seal & the Drawn Over Mandrel (D.O.M.) will make the product more durable.
  • It will last longer and deliver smooth running up to 50-thousand miles.
  • This shock weighs 12 pounds and dimensions of 19.5 x 6.6 x 4.1 inches.
  • You will get two truck shocks, two clamps, one valve core, one cap, two O-ring packing, six clips, one washer, one seal, and two tubs in the package.


4. KYB MonoMax 565067 Gas Shock

The KYB 565067 is a large bore sturdy gas shock for 4×4 trucks. It is built to handle harsh road conditions, and so has additional stability & power. With the excellent working on both on-road and off-road terrains, this industry-standard shock absorber from KYB has an outstanding reputation among the worldwide users.

Specs & features of KYB MonoMax Gas Shock are:

  • KYB 565067It automatically adjusts with the road conditions to provide a fade-free performance.
  • This monotube gas shock will help you to get the highest control, stability, and durability for your vehicle’s suspension system.
  • It will provide almost 40% more damping ability than the other standard gas shock absorbers.
  • The stainless steel piston ring has a zinc coating prevents the oil leak in the most extreme situations.
  • The rubber boot will prevent the dust, debris, and other harmful particles from gathering on the seal and protect the shaft.
  • This gas shock weighs around 4.2 pounds with the dimensions of 26.4 x 3 x 3 inches.


5. JKshop LNL Aluminum Front Rear Shock Absorber for Traxxas Slash 4×4

These slash 4×4 shocks from JKShop is perfect for upgrading your old, non-working shock absorbers. You will surely identify that your Traxxas Slash 4×4 truck has more suspension on both off-road and on-road traveling.

Features & specs of JKShop Slash 4×4 Shocks are:

  • JKshop LNLYou will get two rear shocks with an approx. length of 115mm and two front shocks with an approx. Length of 100mm.
  • These adjustable shocks will not allow your truck to bottom out even in the large jumps.
  • Each shock absorber has a full aluminum body, nylon base, and adjustable tension.
  • The durability depends on the riding conditions and uses, but the standard age of these slash 4×4 shocks is 10 years.
  • The product has dimensions of 4.5 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches with a weight of around 7 ounces.


6. Pro-Line Racing 6063-00 Power Stroke Front Shocks for Slash 4×4

Get an enhanced performance in your slash 4×4 with the help of this power stroke front shock from Pro-Line Racing. These shocks come as pre-assembled, and you just need to add oil to make it start working for your suspension system.

Specs & features of Pro-Line Racing Front Shocks for Slash 4×4 are:

  • Pro-Line Racing 6063-00This shock absorber has a dual-stage spring rate with an infinite pre-load adjustment.
  • It comes with injection-molded spring retainer & shock ends which will provide durable operation despite the terrain conditions.
  • In this pack, you will get a pair of front shock absorbers for slash, and slash 4×4. It will perfectly fit in SC10, Blitz & Ultima SC with 6063-05 universal adapter and many other vehicles.
  • This pre-assembled shock absorber has dual o-ring seats with lower & upper shock shaft guides.
  • Each shock weighs around 2.4 ounces and has dimensions of 7.4 x 4.8 x 1 inch.


7. Traxxas 5862 Big Bore Truck Shocks Set

These big bore shocks from Traxxas are the ideal options for the Traxxas model’s suspensions. Due to their hard-anodized aluminum bodies, they can handle the immense pressure during the massive jumps.

Features & specs of Traxxas Big Bore Shocks for 4×4 Trucks are:

  • Traxxas 5862You will get a total of four truck shock absorbers in this set.
  • They will come pre-assembled with springs and shock oil included.
  • The PTFE coating on the hard anodized T6 aluminum bodies of the shocks withstands against extremely tough conditions.
  • The shafts are coated with titanium nitride which will provide an almost frictionless operation.
  • Each truck shock has a dimension of 6.62 x 1.38 x 8.12 inches with a weight of 5.64 ounces.
  • As these are the genuine Traxxas accessories, you will get guaranteed performance and reliable durability.


8. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Shocks

Bilstein has never stayed behind when it came to top shocks for trucks. It is a leading brand that produces some of the most reliable shocks on the market today. Let’s take a closer look at what this particular set has to offer:

  • Bilstein 5100These shocks are designed for 4 WD vehicles that have a 1-inch rear lift and 2-inch front lift.
  • They come with shock boots.
  • They are gas charged (monotube) to ensure durability and good performance.
  • Bilstein provides all the necessary hardware such as nuts, bushings, and washers to make installation easy.
  • If you face pre-mature failure or any manufacturing defects, you can take advantage of the brand’s lifetime warranty and have it replaced.
  • The shocks are also known for longevity, going strong for 100,000 miles and up.


9. KYB 565104 MonoMax Shocks for 4×4 Trucks

The KYB shock absorbers promise 40% better performance than standard shocks. If that’s not reason enough for you to buy these shocks, we will give you more. Please check out its features below:

  • KYB 565104It works perfectly for those who want to improve the suspension of their trucks.
  • It is a stainless steel shock with a zinc coating. Its piston ring works to provide a positive seal through all conditions.
  • Its monotube design gives it the edge over almost all other standard shocks.
  • The shock has a rubber tube that works to keep debris and dirt away.
  • It has the ability to adjust to various road conditions and deliver the best performance.
  • You can use these shocks for on-road driving, off-road driving, towing, and hauling loads.


10. Bilstein 24-187367 Shocks – Front

Bilstein is not just our choice. Amazon loves it as well. This particular set of shocks is height-adjustable and has been designed specifically for trucks and SUVs. Let’s find out more:

  • Bilstein 24-187367It is compatible with trucks that have a coil over suspension in the front (OE).
  • The shock has multi-snap grooves that adjust to various spring positions. You can expect up to 2.75 inches of lift thanks to these grooves.
  • It provides better handling and more wheel travel.
  • The monotube shocks have a deflective disc setting that is self-adjusting.
  • The digressive piston measures 46mm.


Types of shock absorbers

The below are the main types of the shock absorbers you can get for a smooth ride in your vehicle:

  1. Monotube shock absorber
  2. Twin-tube shock absorber

1) Monotube shock absorber

The monotube shocks contain two chambers; gas and oil. You can mount them upside down to reduce the unsprung weight. As they are exposed to air, they run smoothly and relax compared to the other types of shocks.

2) Twin-tube shock absorber

The twin-tube shocks are available in three types;

Gas charged shock absorber (twin tube): This type of shocks lose the dampen capacity while the heat is up in the engine which reduces fade. It can prevent aerations, offers excellent control, and prevents the sway, dive, and roll.

Acceleration Sensitive Damping (ASD): Such type of shock absorber adjusts as per the condition of the road and reduces the harshness of the vehicle ride.

Position Sensitive Damping (PSD): As the name suggests, this shock adjusts promptly despite the changing terrains and weight conditions. So, you will get more freedom to ride beyond the velocity.

When should you replace the shocks in your 4×4 truck?

Well, you can’t say how durable your current shock absorbers are and how long will they provide a buttery ride. But, it is recommended to change the truck shocks every five years, and if you have an extreme use of the vehicle, then you should replace the shocks early than that (The shocks on my Ford F150 4×4 truck worked well till eleven years!). So, it entirely depends on the uses and riding conditions. But, if the oil is leaking from the suspension system, then it is the sign that you should change the shocks as early as possible.


The best shock for your 4×4 truck will perform as a cushion in the ride and keep the tires intact to allow you full control over your vehicle while enjoying the journey. Many brands are providing a top-quality & different type of shock absorbers for cars and trucks, and that’s the reason you may get confused for picking up the best from them. That’s where you can rely on this post to find the most suitable shock for a 4×4 truck. I hope you will not need to go elsewhere than this.

Enjoy the ride!

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