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How to Lubricate Shocks And Struts: Greese Them Properly

How to lubricate shocks and struts

Are you a car geek and want to keep your vehicle up to date? Then don’t miss out on the minor parts of your car, which can slowly harm your vehicle and affect adversely. This article will give light on lubricating the shocks and struts. Shocks are a very integral part of your automobile as it helps your car from bouncing whereas struts are the structural part of the vehicle and are mounted to the chassis on the top of the vehicle. Struts help the car to mount the coil spring and maintain the momentum which driving. So we can say that the shocks are one kind of supporter to struts as struts help the car to keep the height.

How to Lubricate Shocks And Struts?

Items you will need 

  • Jack 
  • Jack stand
  • Aerosol can of oil 
  • Grease
  • Syringe
  • Long nozzle oil can 

Grease the Struts


Step 1.  

Firstly, we need to raise the vehicle. Pull out jack for lifting the car and support your car with the stands. This is a very crucial moment, so take special care while doing it. Lower the car to its position only when the weight of the car is wholly supported on stands. 

Step 2. 

If you have a vehicle where there is free access to the struts, then there is no issue. Otherwise, take off the wheels from your car. 

Step 3. 

Now you can clearly see the areas where you need to spray. Use aerosol can of oil to spray on the bushings, strut bearings, and turnplate. Give some time for the oil to penetrate and then repeat the whole step again. 

Step 4. 

In this step, we will need a syringe to inject grease. Fill the syringe with grease and insert it in bushings, strut bearings, and turnplate. 

Step 5. 

If you are unable to reach any areas with grease, then use the long nozzle oil can contact with a syringe. You can also use aerosol oil can as a substitute for the syringe. 

Step 6. 

Let us replace the wheel now. With the help of jack, raise the car and remove the jack stand easily. Slowly lower the car and repeat the same steps for the front strut of your car side. 

Replace the rubber bushings 

Replace the rubber bushings

Step 1. 

We need to raise the car with the help of a jack stand and remove the wheels. Use a bright flashlight to see the clear picture of the under areas of the car. Specifically, look at the bushings, Struts, and shocks. Carefully examine each bolt and placement of the rubber bushings. 

Step 2. 

There are possibilities of having cracks on the rubber bushings; you can also find them in a pulled away situation or slight orangish shade can be coated. This means that the rubber bushings are damaged and need to be replaced. 

Step 3. 

You can also find the shocks wherein there is leakage of oil. The leakages can be fresh and also years ago. Due to this, squeaking takes place in the shocks. Press on the car and pin down the source of squeaking. 

Step 4. 

This way, you can make out the problems in your shocks and struts. Due to leakage and cracks in the bushing, you can easily make out the problems. Purchase the replacement, and I would suggest you to change both sides of the car even if one side is squeaking. 

Below are the signs when you need to replace your shocks and struts

  • The squeaking of your vehicle
  • The quality in every ride decreases
  • When you use brake the nose of your vehicle dives down
  • Your vehicle will rise from the front, and momentum will not be maintained while hitting the gas pedal. This time your car may resemble like a floating boat. 
  • You may observe dents, cuts, or leakages under your car’s surface. 

So this is how you can lubricate the shocks and struts whenever needed. I would suggest every car owner keep an eye on your vehicle and observe the changes while driving. Also, keep a regular checkup on the functions of your car. Follow the above steps to lubricate/ grease struts when they are dry and need oil. The best option for the damaged rubber bushing and shocks is a replacement. Even if one side starts squeaking, replace another side also for the long run of the car. 

I hope this article was useful to you, and you also lubricate your car’s struts and shocks this way. 

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