Legend Revo Shocks Review – Are They Perfect For Your Motorcycle?

Legend Revo Shocks review

Would it be wrong to say that shock absorbers are the life of motorcycles? We don’t think so. Without proper suspension, rides can be extremely bumpy and uncomfortable. They can also be quite dangerous. This is why our experts always advise that you pay special attention to the kind of shocks you are purchasing. 

Since there are many that will seem right for you, it can get very confusing. You may also come across Legend Revo Shocks, which have shot to fame in the recent past. We heard a few good things about them too, which is why we decided to try them out and review them for you.

About Legend Suspensions

The story of Legend Shocks begins in 1998. In that year, the company manufactured its first suspension system. Today, it has upgraded to 3 systems for Harley Davidson motorcycles – Legend Air, Legend Revo, and Legend AXEO. All of them are supposed to be top-notch because they use the air spring technology. 

The company has expanded significantly with a line of multiple other products but it remains faithful to its suspension systems and continues to manufacture good quality shocks to this day.


Legend Revo Shocks Review 

Legend Revo Shocks review (1)Legend Revo Shocks are right up there in popularity and quality. The users have many nice things to say about these shocks especially because they are long-lasting and flexible. Below are a few important details:

  1. The shocks have a durable anodized finish.
  2. They come with 6 adjustment knobs, enabling you to change the rebound damping based on your preference.
  3. The rebound performance is superior, with the ability to satisfy all kinds of riders. It also suits most riding styles.
  4. You can adjust the ride performance based on how much you ride your vehicle. This means that whether you are a light user or a heavy user, these shocks will be good for you.
  5. They are very easy to install. The shocks come with detailed instructions that you must follow. If you do that, you will be sorted within 15 minutes.
  6. Many users have said that they experienced a significant improvement in the ride quality, even if you are an aggressive rider.
  • The bike will ride better once you install these shocks
  • Aggressive riding is easier
  • You can handle corners with much more control
  • The shocks are quite expensive
  • A few users have reported oil leaks

Legend Revo Shocks review – the verdict

From what we experienced, we really like these shocks. They are sturdy and adjustable, which are very important for us as riders. Moreover, they last a long time without problems and improve the ride performance. These are qualities that everyone desires in shocks. So, if you don’t mind the price tag and the occasional oil leak, these are the shocks to go without fail.

Things to consider while choosing Legend Revo Shocks

We would like you to note that we tried our shocks on a Harley Davidson with no modifications. They worked perfectly for us. We used the 12-inch shocks, which are considered “stock” shocks. So, if you have modified your vehicle or if you have specific ride preferences, you might want to check out the 13- and 14-inch shocks instead. 

The weight the motorcycle will carry regularly, the rebound adjustments, and the torque are other factors that should consider before zeroing in on the right shocks. It always boils down to what your personal needs and expectations from the shocks are.

People also ask

It’s time to answer a few FAQs that we usually receive on this topic.

1. Are Legend Shocks worth the money?

We would say yes. Legend Shocks are not really affordable but their quality has proven that they are worth the extra bucks.

2. Where are Legend Shocks made?

Legend Shocks are manufactured in South Dakota.

3. Can I install Legend Shocks myself?

Yes, you can. But, if you have never done it before, going to a mechanic is a better idea.


Legend Revo Shocks are among the premium shocks at the moment and they provide all the features you are looking for. You can go ahead and buy them if the price point is not a bother. In case you have any more questions regarding this, please write back to us and we will be happy to help.

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