Pro Comp Shocks review – Are they worth it?

Pro Comp Shocks review

Are you looking for shocks? We are sure you came across Pro Comp Shocks in your research. They are very popular among truck owners today and this has raised an important question – are they worth it?

We have decided to answer this question by reviewing the Pro Comp Shocks for you. 


Pro Comp Shocks review – Specifications

Made in Mexico, the Pro Comp Shocks have been designed for specific vehicles only. So, we advise you to check the fitment before going any further in your research. Here are a few features of these shocks:

  • Explorer Pro CompThey have a twin tube design along with a 10-stage velocity sensitive valving. 
  • You can expect a smooth and comfortable ride with these shocks. 
  • They will also increase the height of the vehicle for you.
  • Along with giving you a comfortable ride, the shocks are known to improve performance and handling. You will see a significant improvement in off-road driving.
  • The piston head is 13/8 nylon banded. Along with the double welded shock mounts, the displacement piston head works to improve strength and make the whole system more durable.

The pros

  • Very easy to install 
  • Excellent fitment
  • Affordable
  • Good performance and off-road handling

The cons

  • The bushings are not of great quality
  • Valving may slightly be different in each shock


Pro Comp Shocks review – The verdict

Based on the review above, we are sure you can tell that Pro Comp Shocks are quite reliable. They are an improvement on the factory shocks and make the ride comfortable. This is a common concern with lifted vehicles and these shocks solve it easily. Moreover, they improve handling, making off-roading a piece of cake. It is due to these features that we think that they are really worth it. You can buy them without hassle and because they come with a warranty, you don’t even have to worry about returns.

People also ask

We shall now answer a few commonly asked questions on this topic.

1) Are Pro Comp Shocks any good?

Yes, they are good shocks that come at an affordable price.

2) Who makes Pro Comp shocks?

Edelbrock makes Pro Comp Shocks. 

3) How many miles do shocks last?

They can last around 50,000 to 100,000 miles. We recommend that you replace them when you reach these miles whether or not you see signs of wear and tear.

4) Are Pro Comp lift kits any good?

Yes, Pro Comp lift kits are really good. You can trust them for your vehicle without any problems.


Pro Comp Shocks come under the affordable and reliable category. We think they are a good choice for your vehicle. So, don’t hesitate – just go for them. They are worth it.

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