Sachs Shocks review – Are they good for your suspension system?

Sachs Shocks review

Sachs is not a name you hear very often when it comes to aftermarket shocks but the brand is very strong in its league. Every year, millions of new cars with Sachs Shocks are launched into the market. The reason behind this is that Sachs Shocks are of very high quality. Since the products are used in new vehicles, the company has enough knowledge and expertise to build excellent aftermarket shocks as well. The result is safer shocks that provide a comfortable ride in various road conditions. 

To help you decide whether Sachs Shocks are right for you, we have decided to review them.


Sachs Shock Absorbers review

Let’s start by going through their features and specifications:

  • Sachs ShocksThis is a set of 2 shocks that provide Liftgate support.
  • They are quite long at 20.91 inches when extended.
  • The shocks come with very high quality supports and are designed to be very durable.
  • They meet all the OE standards.
  • The piston rod is rust-resistant, which is quite a valuable quality.
  • The shocks are compatible with 2009 to 2015 Liftgate Hatch.

The pros

The specifications are all good but what are the pros of Sachs Shocks? You will find out now!

  • They are very easy to install because they are OE shocks. It will only take you minutes to replace the old shocks.
  • They are perfect replacements.
  • They are more affordable than the genuine parts but work just the same.

The cons

Every coin has 2 sides. So, what’s cooking on the other side of this seemingly perfect product?

Most users we spoke to had one common complaint – the quality is not out of the world. And, we sort of agree. Even though they are marketed as good quality shocks, these are not premium. They will fall short if you have very high expectations.


Sachs Shocks review – the verdict

For their price, we really think that Sachs Shocks are excellent. They provide all the important features and are made to last long. However, they are not of premium quality. If that’s what you are looking at, you should choose genuine Honda parts only. When it comes to aftermarket products, there has to be some compromise and that’s what we have seen here as well. Besides that, though, these are very good shocks that will not disappoint you, especially in this price range.

People also ask

Let’s learn a little more about Sachs Shocks by going through some FAQs.

1) Are Sachs Shocks any good?

Yes, Sachs Shocks are good and reliable.

2) Which is better – Bilstein or Sachs?

Sachs Shocks are more affordable and will help you save money. Bilstein Shocks are expensive but they improve ride quality.

3) Who makes Sachs Shocks?

ZF Friedrichshafen AG makes Sachs Shocks.

4) Are Sachs and Boge the same?

Not really. Sachs shocks are labeled as high-end products while Boge shocks are for general use.

5) Where are Sachs clutches made?

They are made in Germany.

6) Where are Boge shocks made?

They are made in Mexico.

7) Should I replace all 4 shocks at once?

We recommend that you at least change them in pairs. If you can do all 4, nothing like it.

8) Which is better – gas or oil shocks?

Gas shocks are definitely safer because nitrogen is a cold, non-flammable gas. It also keeps the shocks cool.

9) Why do I feel every bump in the road?

Something’s wrong with your suspension. Make sure you get it checked. Your shock absorbers likely need to be changed. 


We vote in favor of Sachs Shocks! Once you use them, we are sure you will too. Make sure they fit your vehicle before buying them so that there’s no confusion later on. If there’s anything else you’d like to ask us, kindly write to us or comment below.

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