Rough Country N3 Shocks review – Choosing the right shocks for you

Rough Country N3 Shocks review

Rough Country is an extremely popular brand among truck owners for their off-road shocks. Most of its bulk products are sourced from China but the production happens in the USA. This is true for almost all the third-party companies in the country. 

Rough Country N3 Shocks review

Now, among all the shock absorbers that Rough Country sells, the N3 shocks are gaining a lot of traction. Most users love them and say that they are incredible shocks. Some other users don’t really fancy them as much. If you are stuck and do not know whether you should choose them for your vehicle, you have come to the right place. This is a detailed review of the Rough Country N3 shocks.


Rough Country N3 shocks specs

To start off with, let’s find out what the shocks offer.

  • rough country n3 shocksThese are nitrogen-charged shocks and come with a tensile strength of 36 kN.
  • The shocks have been made to be strong and fast cooling. In fact, their military fluid rating was -50 degrees C.
  • They have a 10-stage variable valving.
  • The piston rod measures 18mm, while the piston itself measures 18mm.
  • The piston rod seal is spring loaded for easy functioning.
  • The high pressure shocks have been made especially for off-road action and for the highways.
  • Thanks to its high tensile strength, you can expect it to last a very long time. This property also reduces unnecessary vibrations during the ride.
  • The pair of shocks have metallic silver paint, which makes them quite aesthetic.
  • The manufacturers offer a warranty of 3 years.

Rough Country N3 shocks review – the pros

Now, we shall go through some of the reasons why we recommend these shocks.

  • They are very easy to install and come with all the hardware you’d need.
  • Once you install the shocks, you will experience a smoother ride.
  • They have been designed to meet OEM standards, which means you won’t have trouble with fitment.
  • You can install them with 0-4-inch lift blocks.
  • They are affordable.

Rough Country N3 shocks review – the cons

A peek into the other side of the coin will help you understand the true story.


Rough Country N3 shocks review – the verdict

Even though Rough Country N3 shocks come with a lot of promise, we would like to note that they are not the most durable or of the highest quality. They come at a fair price and provide good value but if you ask us whether they are the best shocks, we would have to say no. They are perfect to be OE replacements and budget off-road shocks but that’s about it. You won’t see a huge change in performance. So, if that’s what you want, you may be disappointed.

Also, these shocks fit specific vehicles. They are not universally compatible. We request you to check the fitment before purchasing. 


These are some of the commonly asked questions about Rough Country and their shocks.

1) Is Rough Country a good brand?

Yes, it is a good brand for fairly priced products.

2) Who owns Rough Country?

Gridion Capital LLC owns Rough Country.

3) Do Rough Country shocks need boots?

There’s no definite answer for this because it completely depends on the type of shocks. A few of them will take boots while the others will not accept them at all.

4) Are nitrogen shocks better?

It totally depends on what “better” means for you. If performance is your priority, then nitrogen shocks are indeed better. If you want a smooth ride, you will be happier with hydro shocks.

5) Is Rough Country suspension good?

For their price, we would say that it is good. They also last a long time. But, the quality may not be all that amazing.

6) Is Rough Country made in China?

Some of the bulk products are brought in from China but most of the engineering is done in Tennessee, USA.

7) Does Rough Country have a military discount?

Yes, it offers a 10% discount on leveling kits and suspension kits.


Rough Country N3 shocks are definitely good for their price. They provide excellent value and do the job well. So, if you just want OE shocks, you can go with them without a second thought. If you have any more questions, please feel free to talk to us.

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