Sensen Shocks Reviews – Good or bad? (2021 update)

Sensen Shocks Reviews

Sensen shocks are not just popular. They are among the favorites! Most truck owners love these shocks because they are reliable and easily available. On the flip side, though, we have heard quite a few complaints as well. A few users were not happy with their experience.

This has created quite a lot of confusion among new buyers – Are Sensen Shocks good or bad? Should you buy them? We are here to answer these questions with a detailed review.

Sensen Shocks Reviews

Sensen is a renowned brand known to sell shocks and struts of premium quality. They have superior durability and are engineered to deliver perfection.


But, like every coin has two sides and just like nothing’s perfect, we saw a few points of concern with these shocks. 

The pros


Let’s start with the good stuff and list out everything we love about Sensen Shocks:

  • They are made of excellent materials and have a powder finish.
  • They are resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • You don’t need to worry about installation or setting the shocks up. They are ready-to-fit. You just need to replace the old ones with these.
  • They are versatile and can fit multiple vehicles. However, we advise that you check the vehicle’s fitment before choosing the shocks.
  • These shocks are very easily affordable.
  • The company offers a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Once you fit them, you will feel like they are factory-built. That’s how close to the originals they are!
  • They follow all OEM specifications.

The cons


Now on to the not so great stuff.

  • Even though the shocks come with an instruction manual, many users have claimed that the guide is not clear. Installation steps can be confusing for a beginner, thus.
  • They are durable for sure but not really as durable as they are hyped to be. A few users have claimed that they lasted only for 100,000 miles.
  • A few users have also shared concerns about the after-sales service. 


The verdict – Are Sensen Shocks good or bad?

We say they are good. They have multiple pros that beat the cons without a doubt. Also, for the price we pay, they are actually very decent and live up to their reputation. Buyers who have superior expectations in case of longevity should consider buying the more expensive options.

Of course, we wish that the after-sales service was top-class, but for now, that’s something we should accept and hope they improve in days to come. 

BONUS – Things to keep in mind while buying shocks

If you are confused about buying the best shocks for your vehicle, this brief guide will help you. 

  • See which type of shocks you want. The popular types are gas, standard, heavy-duty, and auto-lock. You have overload and air shocks as well. Each serves a specific function, and learning about them will ensure that you pick the right one.
  • You should also consider the size of your vehicle, its capacity, weight, purpose, etc. All of these factors are important considerations.
  • Do the shocks satisfy OEM specifications? This is a must. Otherwise, installation and usage will be tiresome. 

If you are unsure about the right shocks, please speak to a professional mechanic. He/she will assist you through the process.

We hope this article helped you figure out whether Sensen Shocks are good or bad. If there are any other concerns, we invite you to leave a comment. 

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