Coilovers vs Bags – Which Suspension is Better for Your Car?

Coilovers vs Bags

Two of the most common suspension systems used in the cars are Coilovers and Air Bags Suspension Kit. Both these kits have worked exceptionally well in achieving a smooth ride. However, there is a constant ongoing debate regarding which one is better, which of the two you should choose, and much more. Some prefer putting airbags on their cars while some like coilovers more. To help you decide better, we will discuss both these suspension systems along with their differences. 

Coilovers vs Bags

Air Bag Suspension System

LA15-sideWhen this new suspension system was first introduced, it took people by storm. It basically consists of the air springs or what commonly are known as airbags that are installed on the wheels of your vehicles. In the time of emergency, accidents, or any such condition, there is an onboard electric air compressor that inflates these airbags to lift your car. 

These airbags are more versatile as it delivers smoother performance as compared to the other suspension systems. One can easily adjust the height and the stiffness as these kits are adjustable and offer flexibility. By using just a button, the compressor can deflate on inflating air springs as per your preference.

As these suspension systems are relatively new and have been engineered using advanced technologies, one can get the systems that can be operated by your phone via BlueTooth. These suspension systems are made to make your rides smoother, along with the ability to adjust the height without going to garages or seeking any help from professionals. 

Coilover Suspension Kits

shutterstock_675691654Coilovers are conventional and traditional suspension systems that have been in use to adjust the vehicle’s height. It consists of coil springs and various other components that help improve your handling and control over the car. Some people like increase the height while some prefer to keep it low for better performance.

These suspension system kits are still prevalent in the market because of their durability, sustainability, and the property of withstanding with more wear and tear. Many car owners swear by this suspension system because it gives them a chance to tune the setting as per their liking.

Coilovers also offer good support to the vehicles along with improving its towing capacity. They are not as easy to adjust as air suspension kits, yet one can make adjustments with ease. Another reason people prefer it more is that one can customize this suspension system to enhance their car’s performance. So depending upon your budget, you can get yourself a customized suspension system for your car. 

Airbag suspension vs Coilovers

Airbag SuspensionCoilovers
This suspension system uses airbags for absorbing the shocks and road energy effectively.Coilovers use a spring wrapped over the shock absorbers to increase the damping of the car.
Airbag suspension offers excellent flexibility, which makes it better from the other suspension systems.The flexibility of this suspension is quite limited.
The components of the air suspension system can break down and show more wear & tear.Coilovers are more durable as compared to the airbags as they are not worn out that easily and last longer.
Air Suspension kits offer an excellent carrying capacity to the vehicles. It keeps the height raised without sagging it down even after keeping heavy at the back of the car.Coilovers do not have such good carrying capacities.
This suspension system provides improved performance and comfort as you can raise or lower the ride height as per your preference.Coilovers help in gaining control over steering and can also be used for getting a  low height ride.
Air suspension kits are quite expensive.Coilovers are affordable and one can get a good Coilover suspension system between $500 to $1000.
One needs to pay attention to the maintenance of this suspension system and keep a check on it.This suspension system doesn’t require much maintenance. You can just clean the thread wrapped on the coil springs to remove any gunk or dirt.

Concluding Remarks

Air Suspension kits and Coilovers both have their pros and cons. Airbags are flexible and offer excellent performance, but this system is expensive and definitely burns a hole in your pocket. Whereas coilovers are affordable, they can be customized and can help damp the vibrations but are not as versatile as airbags. So to summarise, I would say that if you choose

  • Air Suspension system: It gives you the convenience of adjusting the height along with adjusting the stiffness. However, it comes with an extra price yet advanced features that make it worth all the money you invest in.
  • Coilovers: This suspension system is particularly suitable for people who want to improve their car’s performance without needing much from a suspension system. But remember that you would have to let go of the fact the ride height can’t be changed once you install the system unless you go to the garage. 

So keeping all these points in mind along with your budget, you can decide which suspension system will be suitable for you.

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