CX Racing Coilovers review – Check the detailed description here

CX Racing Coilovers review

CX Racing Coilovers are extremely popular at the moment. They are compatible with various vehicles and their demand is rising.

This invites a question – are they worth the hype? Should you trust them and buy them? In this article, we shall review them so that you find the answers to these questions.


CX Racing Coilovers Review – Specifications

This is a complete suspension kit for LEXUS IS300 vehicles from 1997 to 2005. However, they do not fit the AWD model. If your vehicle fits these compatibility requirements, you should definitely check out the specifications:

  • Cxracing CoiloverThese are monotube coilovers with a top mount.
  • They are adjustable. In other words, you can adjust them according to your preferences with the 32-step damper adjust. This will help you control the damp valve, handle the ride easily, and operate without issues on all types of roads.
  • The monotube design is not just aesthetic but also very functional. Its large cylinder improves the dexterity and stability of the vehicle. 
  • The suspension kit has passed the ARTC durability test.
  • It also does well in salty conditions.
  • The manufacturers provide a warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects.

The pros

  • Affordable
  • Do the job well
  • Durable
  • OEM ride quality

The cons

  • A little stiffer than OEM


CX Racing Coilovers review – the verdict

If you are looking for a complete suspension kit without having to spend too much money, the CX racing coilovers are perfect for you. They are probably not the best on the block but they are definitely worth the price. The coilovers check multiple requirements such as adjustability, stability, and durability, which are very important in the long run. 


Now, we shall cover a few FAQs and their answers.

1) What to consider when buying coilovers?

  • Good company/brand
  • Good springs and spring rates
  • Valving adjustability
  • Monotube design
  • Top mounts

2) How low do coilovers go?

They can go down to 3.5 inches.

3) Are coilovers good for daily driving?

Not really. We don’t even recommend them for daily driving. A few people adjust them to become softer and smoother for everyday purposes but they are still quite stiff.

4) Do coilovers make your ride smoother?

No. It is the opposite. They make it stiffer and uncomfortable in most cases. 

5) Do I need an alignment after installing coilovers?

Yes, you do.

6) Can I install coilovers myself?

Yes, you can. But if you are doing it for the first time, it can take you all day (around 12 hours). Many people leave it to the mechanic, thus.

7) Can coilovers be comfortable?

Yes, but if you reduce the height of your car, they won’t be.

8) How long do coilovers usually last?

Good coilovers will last for about 150,000 miles.

9) Do coilovers ride better than springs?

If you want to lower the ride height, coilovers are a better choice.


Coilovers are usually not suitable for daily driving but CX Racing coilovers are adjustable enough to make regular driving comfortable. They are also extremely durable and easy on the pocket. They get the green signal from us!

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