KYB vs Monroe shocks – Choose the best struts for your vehicle

KYB vs Monroe

When you search for shocks and struts online, you will keep bumping into products from KYB and Monroe. This is because they are among the most popular brands today. Both of them have a booming reputation with raving reviews. This makes it difficult to choose between the two. 

That’s why we are here. We are going to speak about each separately and then dive into declaring the winner of the KYB vs Monroe shocks battle. 

But first – let’s clear something out.

We often see users confuse between struts and shocks. What makes it worse is that almost all companies produce both in tandem. The truth, however, is that there’s a slight difference in their design. Plus, struts work to adding support to the suspension. The other function such as smooth braking, handling, and steering, remain the same. 

Monroe shocks

Where are Monroe shocks made?

Monroe shocks and struts are made in the USA. The company has been in the automotive space for over a century. It also has branches in Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and South America. 

A brief about Monroe shocks


Monroe shocks are known to deliver a comfortable ride while maintaining firm handling of the vehicle. They always meet the factory standards and in most cases, exceed them. The technologies used in designing the shocks and struts ensure that your factory ride quality is restored and all the OE standards are met. 


  • Soft ride
  • May be bouncy at high speeds
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable 
  • All-weather performance

KYB shocks 

Where are KYB shocks made?

These shocks hail from Japan. However, KYB also has manufacturing units in Europe and the USA. The American division is located in Illinois and was founded in 1974. 

A brief about KYB shocks


KYB shocks are heavy-duty and there’s a wide range for you to choose from. You can easily pick the best based on your preferences. For example, if you want the original ride quality and OE performance, you can choose the Excel shocks. If you prefer more control and a firm ride, you can go with GAS-A-STRUTS. Whether you are a street rider or a daily driver, you will like KYB shocks.


  • Firm ride
  • Excellent for rough and rocky terrains
  • Stability even at higher speed
  • All-weather resistance 
  • Slightly pricey

KYB vs Monroe

Since they are both amazing, it all boils down to the requirement. By now you probably understood that KYB shocks are ideal for street riders and those who travel on rough roads. Monroe shocks are more suitable for daily drivers. Now, even though KYB has line-ups that cater to daily drivers, they are pricey. This is why our vote goes to Monroe in this regard.

We hope this comparison helped you zero in on the best shocks and struts. If you have any more doubts, please do not hesitate to ask us through comments. 

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