Nitro vs hydro shocks – Find the differences and choose the best

Nitro vs Hydro Shocks

It is very easy to get confused between shocks because there are so many options in the market at the moment. The two most common ones are nitro and hydro shocks and this is where all the confusion lies. Are they the same? Is there any difference? Can you use any of them? 

We are here with all the answers!

About nitro and hydro shocks

Both these options come from Skyjacker. They are versatile and sturdy, built for any type of road. However, their application may vary slightly. For example, if you want a great off-road performance, you need nitro shocks. If you want to stay on the trail and you like smooth performance, you can go with hydro shocks. 

Nitro vs Hydro Shocks

Hydro shocks

Hydro shocksHydro shock absorbers are for those who use their vehicle every day. They are suitable for highways but will also sustain off-road driving every now and then. Beware, though, they are not specifically designed for off-road. They are more or less like the OEM shocks as they come with oil and can lubricate for easy driving. 

As for price, they are affordable especially when compared to nitro shocks. If you don’t need heavy-duty shocks that are usually designed for tow trucks, you can go with hydro shocks without a doubt.

Nitro shocks

Nitro shocksThese shocks are ideal for off-roading. They are capable of taking whatever difficulty the trail throws at them. This is because they have a few extra features such as pressurized nitrogen gas (hence the name) that make them more sturdy. These features also enhance performance. 

However, one thing you should note is that you won’t enjoy “smooth sailing” with these shocks. They are quite stiff and that affects ride quality quite significantly. 

As aforementioned, nitro shocks are on the more expensive side of the spectrum.


As you can see, it is not really a competition because hydro shocks and nitro shocks are made for specific purposes. They are not interchangeable at all. For daily driving, you need hydro shocks while for off-road, you need nitro shocks. 

We hope this article has cleared your doubts and given you the answers you were looking for. If you have any more doubts, feel free to reach out or leave a comment. 

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