OSC Shocks Review – Is it the perfect replacement for your suspension?

OSC shocks review

To ensure that your vehicle functions smoothly without hindrances, you have to purchase the right shock absorber. Otherwise, it will give rise to multiple problems including engine misfires, problematic suspension, and hardy starts. This is why there is always a race to purchase the best possible shock absorbers on the market.

Among the many options is the OSC shock. It has gained quite a lot of traction in the recent past, making people ask whether it really is good. We have decided to write a detailed review of it to help you answer this question.


OSC shocks review – Expert opinion

This is a set of rear shocks designed to provide excellent ride control. Let’s start by going through its features. 

  • The shocks have SV3 all-weather fluid that provides excellent ride quality and consistent control. This pressurized oil also removes any chances of cavitation.
  • They have a twin-tube design that ensures proper lubrication throughout. Your vehicle will never have to worry about oil starvation even when the heat and speed increase.
  • When there are impacts, you can expect a smooth recovery.
  • The shocks are nitrogen gas charged to remove aeration. This particular property enables you to have complete control regardless of the type of road.
  • You will receive all the important equipment and hardware to install these shock absorbers with ease.

The pros

  • Designed for enhanced ride control
  • Widely compatible with SUVs, trucks, vans, cars, etc.
  • Twin-tube design and multi-stage valving
  • Affordable

The cons

  • A few users have been unhappy with the lift provided by these shocks


OSC Shocks review – the verdict

OSC Shocks are affordable and reliable, making them a good choice especially if you are not looking at extreme comfort or too much lift. These shocks are suitable for those who want good handling and control. They are an OEM replacement, which means that you won’t have to worry about the fitment. Just make sure that you purchase the right set according to your vehicle’s model and you’ll be good to go. 

According to us, OSC shocks get the green flag. 

People also ask

Now, we are going to answer a few FAQs.

1) How long should OEM shocks last?

When maintained well, they will last for 50,000 miles.

2) Do shocks really make a difference?

Of course! It is thanks to shock absorbers that your ride is smooth even when the roads are bumpy. 

3) How can you tell if shocks are good?

You can have the mechanic check them especially if you are seeing a few symptoms of bad shocks such as misfires, rough idling, rough handling, and difficult starts.

4) Should I replace all shocks at once?

Yes, it is always advisable that you replace all the 4 shocks at once or at least in pairs (front and rear).

5) What noise do bad shocks make?

You will hear them groan. A few shocks may also squeak.

We hope you now have an idea about OSC shock absorbers and shocks in general. If there’s anything else on your mind, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist.

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