Pros and Cons of Coilovers – Know More About Coilovers Suspension

Pros and Cons of Coilovers

Whenever we drive an automobile, we often enjoy the rides which are smooth, comfortable, and free from vibrations. Moreover, a car with good steering control and has good dynamic stability is chosen by us over any other automobile. All these factors mentioned are directly or indirectly dependent upon the suspension system of the vehicle. A vehicle with soft and smooth suspension will outperform other vehicles in all the significant aspects.

The suspension system is a system of linkages, shock absorbers, and springs that connects an automobile with its wheels. There are various types of Suspension systems available in the existing world, but the most commonly used suspension is the CoilOver suspension system. Coilover is an abbreviation of the term, “Coil Spring over Shock Absorber.” To know more about this suspension system, their benefits, and their functions, keep reading this blog.

What are Coilovers?

CoiloversAs mentioned, it is a type of suspension system, in which a single piece of spring is wrapped around a shock absorber. This spring enhances a suspension system’s performance by increasing the damping or absorbing capacity of the system. 

In this system also, two types of coilovers available in the market today:

  • Full coil-overs 
  • Slip-on coil-overs

In full coilovers, the spring and the shock absorber are matched with each other from the factory itself. While the slip-on coilovers are a type of adjustable springs, and both dampers and springs are brought separately and then assembled. Coilovers are the most commonly used suspension systems for automobiles. They are used in RC cars, normal cars, and racing cars. 

What do coilovers do?

This suspension system helps in lowering the vehicle and can also aid in reducing the body roll by using a stiffer spring. It helps in absorbing the shocks and enhancing the overall riding performance of the cars.

Are coilovers good?

Yes, Coilovers are good and an upgrade to the suspension system. Let us know more about their benefits, advantages, and disadvantages. 

What are benefits of coilovers

When we compare coilovers to other suspension systems, there are two distinctive benefits of using this system which are:

  • Adjustability
  • Handling

These two benefits of coilovers help improve the overall ride experience and make it easy for the drivers to handle their vehicles on the bumpy or rough roads.

Components of the Coilover

Several components are used in the manufacturing of Coilover suspension systems. It consists of a damper, coil spring, bush, bumps stops, soring divider, mounts, nuts, washers, threaded sleeves, and lastly, collars. All these components are assembled, and thus, the suspension system is manufactured. 

The coil spring and damper are assembled as a unit, and it works together and absorbs the shocks which occur during the drive. The Coil spring encircles the damper in this system. The upper and lower mounts hold the spring firmly in its position, and all these components are fastened with the help of nuts, collars, and washers.

Pros and Cons of Coilovers

Pros of using Coilover suspension system

1) Good handling

As we mentioned earlier, coilover suspension systems make rides smooth,  and the driver feels comfortable while driving and enjoys the ride. The wheels’ alignment remains straight while using it, and thus, the driver finds it easy to control the automobile.

2) Good damping of the vibrations

As we all know, while driving the vehicle through uneven surfaces and roads, we often feel irritated and uncomfortable. But this is not the case with automobiles using Coilovers. In this type of automobiles, the spring and the dampers jointly absorb and dampen the shocks, making the ride linear and smooth.

3) Adjustability

While using the Coilover suspension systems, we can also adjust our vehicle’s height with much ease. A person who enjoys a low ride can easily adjust its height accordingly. Moreover, for off-road drives, the coilovers can also be locked at a higher setting.

Cons of using Coilover suspension system

1) Stiff ride

Some drivers have also reported the problem of a stiff ride while using coilovers. But this mostly occurs when the cheap quality of springs is used, and the system’s alignment is not done properly.

2) Unexpected failure

Some people opt for coilovers of low quality in order to save money, which sometimes suffers a failure between the rides causing much damage to an automobile. Risking lives to save money is not a good deal, so one should only invest in standard coilovers having good yield strength and sustainability for a longer duration of time.

3) Space hogging assembly 

The main problem with coilovers is that it acquires too much space in the assembly, causing several issues. It often comes in contact with the other components like wires, brakes, or even chewing of the sidewalls.

4) Cost

Coilovers are quite expensive than other suspension systems currently available in the market. But, customization of coilovers is possible, offering a range of customized suspension systems according to your vehicles.

Concluding Remarks

Coilovers are suspension systems using a damper and coil spring matched with each other. This system is quite expensive but provides a better driving experience for a rider due to its remarkable qualities. By using this system, one can experience good steering handling, good wheel alignment, and improved shock-absorbing capacity. It provides you with a smooth ride, thus, outperforming its competitors prevailing in the market.

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