Best shocks for 1 ton dually – Get shocks for heavy loaded vehicles

Best shocks for 1 ton dually
Best Brand
Bilstein 5100
Bilstein 5100
Our Top Pick
Bilstein (24-186735)
Bilstein (24-186735)
Value for Money
Rancho RS5000X
Rancho RS5000X

Whether it is a sedan or a pickup truck, driving is more than just commute. It is about getting things done comfortably. That is why it is not a great experience when your ride becomes bumpy all of a sudden. 

Every vehicles comprises of multiple parts. Each of them has a purpose and when any of them is worn-out or damaged, you will recognize a difference in the feel of your ride immediately. This article is about shock absorbers, one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Why do we call them important? Because it is thanks to these shocks that you don’t feel bumps on the way and are able to control your vehicle seamlessly.

Over time, just like every other auto part, your shock absorbers will need to be replaced. One way to buy new shocks would be to look for OE replacements and go for them. But this will only work if you want the same performance. Those who want an upgrade may have to look at third-party manufacturers who engineer better performing shocks. Whatever your choice may be, you will have multiple options and that can lead to considerable confusion. If you own a 1 ton dually, you will have to be even more careful because standard shocks may not work for you. 

Oh, don’t be worried, though! We are here to help you out. This is a detailed guide dedicated to exploring the best shocks for 1 ton dually. 

Product No.Shocks for 1 ton duallyProduct ImageProduct ReviewsCheck Price
1)Rancho RS9000XLRancho RS9000XL4.5BuyOnAmazon
2)Bilstein 5100Bilstein 51004.5BuyOnAmazon
3)Rancho RS5000XRancho RS5000X4.5BuyOnAmazon
4)Bilstein (24-186735)Bilstein (24-186735)4.5BuyOnAmazon
5)Rancho RS9000XLRancho RS9000XL4.5BuyOnAmazon

A brief about the 1 ton dually

A 1 ton dually is a pickup truck that has two rear wheels on both sides. A dually truck may be specifically referred to as a 1 ton dually if it can carry around 2,000 pounds in its trailer and bed. There are trucks that can carry much more as well – 5,000 pounds! Ford, Chevy, GMC, etc. all have a range of 1 ton dually models that are extremely popular for hauling and towing. If you own one of them and need new shocks, please go through the next section.

Best shocks for 1 ton dually – Editor’s Choice

Here is a list of our favorite shock absorbers, chosen based on a variety of parameters.

1. Rancho Shock Absorber – RS9000XL RS999269

When it comes to heavy-duty shocks, you cannot leave Rancho behind. The company is known for its high quality products that perform well and last long. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Rancho RS9000XLThese shocks offer 9 levels of performance through an easily adjustable knob that lets you customize firmness, damping, etc. This means that you can alter how the ride feels on-road and off-road.
  • You can use these shocks on all trucks – stock and lifted. They are good for hauling, off-roading, etc.
  • These gas-charged shocks have nitrogen pressurized to 120 PSI so that the oil and air don’t mix and affect performance.
  • They have an 18mm nitro-carburized piston that protects from corrosion and scuffs. 
  • They can easily handle extreme temperatures and temperature changes. Internal temperature can be between -40 and 248 degrees F and these shocks will continue to do a great job.
  • Their self-lubricating, low-friction seal ensures that the shocks last for a long time with minimum wear and tear.
  • Better than OE shocks
  • Improvement in ride quality and handling
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • A few users have faced quality control issues


2. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks for 1 ton dually

Bilstein is never going to stay away from the limelight! And, it shouldn’t either. Its shocks are of exceptional quality. The Bilstein 5100 shocks are an example of the same. Below are a few details:

  • Bilstein 5100This is a set of 4 shocks made for 4WD vehicles with up to 2.5 inches of lift.
  • Since these are monotube gas charged shocks, you can expect durability, excellent performance, and longevity. 
  • You will also receive shock boots with the shocks except in cases of special fitments.
  • These shocks have a simple bolt-on installation and come with all the necessary hardware such as nuts, bushings, and washers. 
  • You don’t have to worry about premature failure and defects with these shocks because they are protected by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Good for lifted trucks
  • Smooth ride
  • Can handle towing very well
  • Slightly expensive
  • The front shocks may be hard to install


3. Rancho Gas Shocks – RS5000X

These Rancho shocks are not just our choice. Amazon loves them too. They are very popular among truck owners for various reasons. A few of them are as follows:

  • Rancho RS5000XThese are 4 shock absorbers with extended length to be able to work with lifted trucks. You can use them on trucks with a 2-3 inch lift in the front and a 2-inch lift in the rear.
  • They will work only on 4WD vehicles.
  • The shocks are twin-tube, gas pressured, and lend a variety of benefits such as avoiding shock fade and foaming by preventing the mixture of oil and air. 
  • They will perform without any problems in extreme temperatures as well.
  • You will enjoy better control and performance at different speeds and on terrains.
  • They have progressive engagement valving for better control and stability.
  • Durable and long-lasting with no leaks
  • Improve ride quality
  • Good price
  • Could be too stiff for some drivers


4. Bilstein 5100 – Front Shock Absorbers 

If you have a lifted truck, these Bilstein shock absorbers will be suitable for you. Keep in mind, though, that these are just front shocks. If you want the whole set, you will have to buy the rear shocks separately. Let’s go through a few more details:

  • Bilstein (24-186735)These are OE fit shocks for SUVs and lifted trucks.
  • They have a monotube design, which promises consistent performance for a long period of time. As long as you maintain your truck well, you will not see any depreciation in the ride quality.
  • The shocks have a unique piston that adjusts itself based on the road conditions. It is velocity sensitive.
  • Once you install these shocks, you will see an improvement in the ride quality, handling, and performance. Your ride will also be more comfortable.
  • You will have to buy the torsion key separately.
  • Easy replacement
  • Good for lifted trucks
  • Better performance and handling
  • The shocks boots are too long


5. RS9000XL RS999221 – Rancho Shock for 1 ton dually

If Rancho has impressed you and you want options, you will love this one. It is also from the RS9000XL series and comes with many impressive features such as the following:

  • Rancho RS9000XLIt has an easy-to-adjust knob that lets you switch between 9 levels of performance. This knob is mainly to control damping and firmness based on the terrain.
  • It has specifically been designed for hard working vehicles such as SUVs and tow trucks. 
  • The shock absorbers will work on stock as well as lifted trucks.
  • The nitrogen gas works to minimize the mixing of air and oil, reducing foaming and performance fading.
  • The seal is self-lubricating and low-friction, ensuring that the shock absorber works smoothly for a long period of time.
  • Its polyurethane rebound bumper absorbs harshness and responds optimally to changing road conditions.
  • Manually adjustable
  • Good upgrade over stock shocks
  • Better ride quality
  • A few users received damaged knobs


All these shocks are certified to work perfectly with 1 ton dually trucks. All there’s left to do now is to compare them and make your pick.

People also ask

Now, let’s answer a few FAQs on this topic:

1) How much does a 1 ton dually cost?

It costs upwards of $35,000.

2) Is F350 a 1 ton?

Yes, it is.

3) Can a dually tow more?

Yes, dually trucks can tow more in general. The exact capacity varies from one truck to the other.

4) What dually tows the most?

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD, Ford F450 Super Duty, Ford F350 Super Duty, Ram 3500HD, and GMC Sierra 3500HD are some of the leaders when it comes to towing capacity.

5) Do dually tires last long?

Yes, they do.

6) What 1 ton truck gets the best mpg?

GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are considered highly fuel efficient.

7) Can you daily drive a dually?

Dually trucks are meant for off-roading, towing, and hauling. So, daily driving may not be ideal. However, some experts say that it is totally fine.


1 ton dually trucks are excellent vehicles for towing and hauling. To make the most out of them, you should purchase the right replacement shocks. This guide was an attempt to help you understand what’s out there and which options you can pick. We hope you make the right choice based on your preferences. If you have any doubts or further questions, please feel free to talk to us.

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