Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Reset – Simple Guide by Expert

Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Reset

Air Ride Suspensions are the best automotive suspension built to provide a smooth, constant ride quality. Larger sized cars, trucks, luxury cars, and SUVs have air suspensions in them. Air suspension is also helpful when carrying heavier loads in your vehicles. The modern systems that we can find in the latest automobiles and light trucks feature self-leveling with raising and lowering functions. Traditionally, air suspensions are also known as air bags or air bellows. However, the correct term one should use is air spring. The modern vehicles that have suspension technology include models from Rolls-Royce, Jeep, Porsche, Lincoln, Audi, Ford, Tesla, and many others. The models from Lincoln feature height-adjustable suspension that makes it easier to enter the vehicle, clear rough terrains, or clear bumps.

Let us get to know more about suspensions and the signs of failures. In this article, you will also get to know the procedure for Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Reset.

Air Suspensions and signs of Failure

Suspensions work best when all the components work in accordance with each other in the way they were designed to. It is necessary to regularly check that all of the components are working properly. The suspension air bag is one such part that fails commonly. Typically, it is located in the rear of a vehicle and works by using the air that it receives from the suspension compressor. It is not recommended to drive your car if you have a damaged suspension system. Below is a list of the common symptoms that indicate that your air bellows have failed. 

  • suspensionIf you feel that the rear of your car doesn’t seem right then it can be a cause of damaged air bags. When you feel that the rear suspension is a bit loose or spongy when driving the car, it’s time to get it checked by a professional.
  • If you hear the air compressor running even after you have turned off the ignition it can be due to suspension failure. In case of a leak in the system, the compressor tends to frequently activate by sensing the pressure inside the suspension bag.
  • The suspension system is meant to smoothen your ride. If your ride tends to be bumpy and rough than before, you must get your bellows checked.
  • As it is placed at the rear of your car, any leakage in it can make your vehicle sag at either rear side. If you notice that your car sags you might want to get your springs inspected.

If you find any of the symptoms above and your suspension seems to be working properly, it is advised to reset the suspension in your vehicle to assure that the system is working fine.

Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Reset

Follow the step by step guide on “How do you reset the air suspension on a Lincoln Town car?” and ensure that the suspensions in your vehicle are working fine.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is open the front lift gate of your Navigator.

Step 2: Now you need to locate the ON/OFF switch on the wall of the cargo area. When the navigator is on the ground, this switch should be in the ON state.

Step 3: If you intend to lift the navigator, you need to turn the switch to OFF. 

If you lift the vehicle without switching the suspension OFF, it might take about 15 minutes to get the pressure back to normal once the vehicle is landed back on the ground. However, it is advised to always switch it OFF before lifting the vehicle even if it’s just for changing a single tire.

Step 4: Once the navigator is back on the ground, it’s time to turn the switch to ON position. This needs to be done so as to preserve the vacuum and maintain the pressure in the suspension.

You have now reset the Air Suspension of your Lincoln Navigator and are ready to ignite and go for a drive.

Final Word

I hope this article has provided you with enough information about air suspensions and the steps to reset it. It is necessary to have a properly working suspension system for a smooth and comfortable ride. Follow the above-mentioned steps to reset the air suspension of your Lincoln car and assure that the air suspension system has not damaged or failed. If the problem persists, you might want to get it inspected by a professional.

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