Monroe Reflex Shocks Reviews – Is It Perfect For Your Vehicle?

Monroe Reflex Shocks review 

When it comes to shocks and struts, there are very few brands that have made as solid an impression as Monroe. Whenever one thinks of replacement shocks, their mind definitely stops at Monroe because of the quality and reliability the brand has promised over the years. 

If you are looking at their reflex shocks and wondering whether they live up to their hype, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to review the Monroe Reflex Shocks for you in detail. 

About Monroe

Monroe is a 100+ year old brand, having been established in 1916. It’s timeline is rich with multiple developments, achievements, and advancements, thanks to which it remains one of the best today. We must marvel at the fact that it has managed to stay on top through so many decades with barely a blemish on its record. That says a lot about the reliability of the brand. In the long run, it is this trust that matters more than anything else. 

Monroe has OE expertise, which it uses to ensure that all its replacement products meet or exceed OE standards. The finished parts work wonderfully – as well as the originals, giving customers exactly what they are looking for. 

Monroe Reflex Shocks review 

Monroe Reflex Shocks review The Monroe Reflex Shocks have been designed keeping multiple factors in mind such as handling, control, and technology. Let’s delve deeper for more details:

  1. These are monotube shocks designed to help you maintain control over bumps, potholes, dips, and uneven terrains. 
  2. The shocks have a hydraulic lock-out that absorbs impact better than ever before. It also maintains the integrity of the vehicle seamlessly.
  3. These will do their job well round the year in every season. They have a high temperature OE all-weather fluid to facilitate this. The fluid also has special additives that lengths the life of the oil, retarding its breakdown, and assists in high temperatures.
  4. The shocks are nitrogen gas-charged. They provide excellent stability and response based on the road.
  5. The housing is hardened and of high strength. Alongside, you have the chrome-plated piston rod that provide additional durability.
  6. The piston in these shocks is free-floating. It keeps the shock fluid and the gas separate so that there is no aeration or shock fading.
  • Easy installation – will not take longer than 2 hours
  • The truck will ride like new once you install these shocks
  • The shocks are fairly priced
  • They are long-lasting and durable
  • The shocks don’t come with mounting equipment
  • Some users have said that the ride is not all that upgraded

Who can use these

  • The OEM part number is 911533
  • They are suitable for Sierra and Silverado


Monroe Reflex Shocks – The verdict

Our vote is with Monroe. We think that these shocks are reliable, easy to install, and fairly priced, making them a great choice. Even though the ride quality may not be very different, the handling and the control are unbeatable. This is why we think that choosing these shocks is a great idea. If they fit your vehicle, there is no reason why you should look any further.

People also ask

Let’s learn a little more by answering some FAQs.

1) Is Monroe a good brand?

Yes, Monroe is an excellent brand for trucks and cars.

2) Which is better – Monroe or Gabriel?

It depends on the type of ride you want. Monroe is known to provide smooth rides while Gabriel provides stiff rides. Monroe shocks are also better suited to highways while Gabriel shocks are good for off-roading.

3) How long do Monroe shocks last?

They will last around 50,000 miles without any problems.

4) Do Monroe shocks have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, they have a lifetime warranty against defects and wear & tear.

5) What’s the warranty on Monroe shocks?

The brand provides a limited lifetime warranty.


We hope this article provided an in-depth look at Monroe Reflex Shocks. They are indeed a great choice and we totally recommend them. If you have any other questions and would like to get in touch, please feel free to leave a message. We will respond as soon as possible.

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